Why is some of the information shown by iBrarian strange and perhaps even funny?

iBrarian is a fully automated computer system that traverses the Web and learns through reading the documents it finds.  Using methods developed by Prof. Eric Berkowitz of Roosevelt University in Chicago, iBrarian independently performs all the activities involved in retrieving documents and determining the information presented on the iBrarian.net site.  iBrarian is entirely computerized.   Other than making sure the computers don't crash or self-destruct, no person has ever been involved in iBrarian's work producing the information you see here.  Everything is done by computer algorithms.  The result is of course that iBrarian can sometimes make mistakes resulting in information that is funny, strange, or, sometimes even amusing.  Since iBrarian is a computer system with no shame, it unabashedly presents what it knows. And since, mistakes and all, we are very proud of iBrarian's capabilities, we shamelessly let it do so.  As iBrarian continues to grow and learn the number of mistakes it makes will decrease.  In the interim, we hope you will benefit from the vast amount of knowledge iBrarian already posseses.

For more information see the iBrarian Project page at http://cs.roosevelt.edu/eric/iBrarian/iBrarian.html

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